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Thursday 6th February & Friday 7th February - Mrs Donoghue

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 3rd February 2020

We will be doing some Maths assessments this week so both of our sessions will be looking at reasoning problems and assessing how the children apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of questions.


We will focus on developing our reading stamina and comprehension skills this week, answering a range of questions on two different texts – one fiction and one non-fiction.  The children are becoming quite good at being ‘text detectives’ searching for the clues with their trusty highlighter pen!  

Reading – individual and group reading

As well as reading comprehension, we will be having daily reading sessions where the children will either read on their own, to an adult, or to a small group of peers.


Spellings - the children need to learn the spellings on page 15 of the Monster Phonics book for a test on Friday - the rule being if the 'or’  sound is after the 'w', it is spelt with a 'ar', such as towards, war, warm etc.


I will be taking the children for PE on Thursday afternoon – focusing on developing their gymnastics skills.


Our current unit is ‘Good News’ looking at the Gospel.  The children will continue exploring the meaning of the parable, The Good Samaritan and applying it to different contexts.