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Monday 3rd -Wednesday 5th February ( Mrs Benson )

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 3rd February 2020

Please send in small boxes, tubes, platic cutlery or old paint or make-up brushes for our DT project. Thank you!


We began our 'Talk for Writing' unit last week and are studying- Imagine you are a tiger'. It introduces lots of high level vocabulary and the children are learning to re-tell the story with symbols and actions. They will begin to plan their own version iof the story next week about a different animal.


WE statrted work on Time this week. We are focusing on quater psta and half past and working out what the time would be in one/two/three hours or an hour or two ago.

Any work on this you could do at home would be helpful as it is a subject that often requires lots of support and practical demonstrations.


We will be moving on to 'Friction and Gravity in science this week. This will involve building a marble run and a pulley.


It is national well-being week and we will be embracing this with lots of mindfulness and pshe discussions and activities.


We will be working in groups to create 3D versions of the children's design. They will be given the challenge of inventing something that will solve a cleaning problem.

Any small boxes, tubes, brushes and plastic knives and forks would be useful, so please send them in!


The children will continue to work on their descriptive vocabulary and the pronounciation.


The children will be using maps and atlases to locate where famous people we have studied live. They will also add their own favourite stars to the list. This would be something they might like to research at home to prepare them for the lesson.


WE will be doing Gymnastics in the hall and will be doing floor work. The focus this week will be jumping skills.