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Mrs Donoghue - Thursday 5th & Friday 6th December 2019

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 2nd December 2019

This really is an ‘intended’ learning this week.  It is my aim to cover all areas listed below, however our Nativity production is just around the corner and we may need to fit in some extra rehearsals to ensure we are all at our best on the day(s).


Have a good week,


Mrs Donoghue


I always wait with baited breath for Christmas Adverts to appear on the TV, not because I love Christmas (although I do!), but so I can decide which advert to focus our writing on for the last couple of weeks!  The Winner is….. Edgar the Excitable Dragon!!  This week the children will be watching the advert and selecting the main parts of the story and mapping them in chronological order.  They will then link each event with an emotion and explain why they have chosen this emotion. 


This week we will be practising words with the ‘o’ sound spelt ‘u’ such as other, mother etc.   The children will be tested on Friday morning.   This will be the last spelling test for this term.  J


Multiplication remains our focus this week; the children have shown fluency and understanding in doubles and halves and will now be moving onto writing number sentences using the ‘x’ symbol.


The children will be continuing with Djembe drumming with Mr Jackson this week!  However, this is the penultimate week as we need to hand over the drums to Year One for the Spring Term.  


As I am sure you can imagine, it takes time and effort to put on a Nativity performance so most of our afternoon activities this week will focus around rehearsing and learning songs and actions.