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wc 2nd October - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday-Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 2nd October 2017

I will be in class on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday & Friday this week.  Mrs Benson will be covering me on Wednesday morning as I have to attend an SEN meeting.

I’m hoping that some of you have noticed that we have started writing blogs on our class page.  Please do have a look and comment if you wish.

As you are aware, the phonics books were sent home this week -  and all came back in so thank you!  Please remember that the children only need to complete two pages per week.  We are trying to put the date when they need to be returned at the top of the relevant page to aid a smooth transition.

Have a good week.

Mrs Donoghue


We have finished our unit on Laura’s Star and will be moving onto poetry this week (with a space theme).  This is a relatively short unit (2 weeks) and our first focus will be recognising rhyming words and writing some (silly) poems.  This can be tricky so please do share any poetry books you have at home with your son or daughter and discuss rhyming words.


We have come to the end of our unit on place value so will be moving on to adding two & three digit numbers (without grouping) using the column method.  We will start by using concrete representations to ‘show’ adding two and three digit numbers, following the rules of adding the ones, then the tens and finally the hundreds.  The unit will have additional challenges including showing understanding through bar models.


We will be continuing with our unit on Creation and looking at some poems written by poets such as Steve Turner.  This links beautifully with our English unit this week.


I will be taking the children for Multi-skills on Thursday afternoon.