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Week beginning 2nd October ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 2nd October 2017

I am lucky enough to be covering Mrs D on Wednesday morning this week as she has a meeting.


This week the class will be focusing on two types of writing. Descriptive writing linked to a space adventure and factual writing linked to our Dentist visit. Lots of the children  are using joined writing now and are becoming neater. We will be doing lots of planning and self-correcting to ensure the children create the best writing they can produce.


We will be working on some word problems linked to measuring this week and trrying out some models aimmed at ensuring the question has been understood, before tackling the answer. In Wednesday's lesson we will be starting some work on picture graphs and we will link this to our science by gathering data on trees in our school environment.


In science we will move from a focus on seeds, to increasing knowledge about plants. The children will be setting up a growing investigation and will be creating a fact file about plants.

Topic- Space

The children will be learning about Space exploration and will be creating some space music to go with a poem/chant about space.


This week we will continue to focus on food. The class will learn some vocabulary and begin to express their likes and dislikes in French.


This week we will continue to listen to some senarios linked to feelings and discuss how they feel the characters acted and if they would have done something similar or different.