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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 30.04.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 30th April 2018

I hope you had a fantastic weekend; here is our intended learning for the week.


We will be moving on from multiplication to division. We will look at doubling and halving, and begin sharing practically to work out division questions.


After our great success in writing Goldilocks and the Three Bears last week, we will be planning on a way to change the story and re-writing it.


We will continue our unit ‘Changing Materials’ by investigating different bouncy materials.


We will practise the different ways to write down the ‘ur’ phoneme (sound)- ur,ir,er,ear, or - and practising spelling words with the ‘e’ sound (e.g pet and ready)


We will continue our unit ‘Your Imagination’ and will use instruments to complement our singing.


Mrs Found will be helping the children to sketch a teddy bear, and they will be labelling the pictures and writing about them.

To help with this, please could you send in a Teddy Bear on this day that the children can use. It is important that it is a Teddy from home as they will be writing what their names are, who the owner is etc.


We will continue our work on Mezzuzahs.


The children will be  participating in a variety of activities in our Outdoor Circuits unit.


We will continue editing sound recordings using audacity.