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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 29.01.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 29th January 2018

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Unbelievably, we are already approaching the end of the term! The children are working so incredibly hard at the moment, and I was so pleased with how they welcomed Miss Dargan- our new student teacher-into the classroom this week. We are so fortunate to have an extra adult in the classroom, so if you haven’t met her already, please say hello!


We will begin to interpret graphs of different kinds, and will start to understand what data means. We will also start gathering data in our class, ready to make our own graphs next week.


There are lots of exciting things happening for our topic this week! We currently are borrowing a box of old toys from Maidstone Museum which so far we have only peeked into to look at a couple of different toys for our work last week. THIS week we will be examining each toy, discussing them with historical language, and sketching them to make observations.

Also on Wednesday we will be having our theme day ‘Toys Through Time’ (details on the letter sent out previously). We will be dressing as old toys, having a costume parade, playing Victorian games in the hall, working with the museum toys, having a visitor AND designing puppets. It will be a lot of fun and I personally am very excited. There is no need for the children to bring in their book bags on this day.

On top of all that, we will be writing a recount of our theme day! Busy busy!


We will be planning and conducting an investigation into gravity and making predictions about it, as well as learning the words ‘opaque’ and ‘transparent’ and using them to describe other materials.


We will be learning the different ways to write down the ‘oo/yoo’ phoneme (sound): ue, oo, u-e, o, ew


Hot on the heels of their success in making toy cars last week (a special thank you to Summer’s Mum and Darcy’s Dad!), the children will be making puppets with Mrs Found on Thursday afternoon. It is an incredible help to have volunteers in for these large scale practical projects, so if you are available that afternoon to help, please let either me or Mrs Found know.


We will be designing courses for beebots to follow, and writing algorithms for how to get them through the courses.


Djembe drumming will continue on Thursday.


We be learning about healthy and unhealthy foods.


We will be continuing Dance with Mrs Mileham, and practising dodging in Rugby.

Young Voices

For your information, I will be going with the Choir to the Young Voices concert at the O2 in London on Monday. I will be here first thing but out after mid-morning. I am leaving the class in Mrs Found and Miss Dargan’s capable hands!