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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 25.09.17

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 25th September 2017

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunny weather. As a reminder, I am not in school from Tuesday to Thursday this week as I am on a 3-day first aid course. The ever-capable  Mrs Found will cover on Tuesday and Thursday, and the equally ever-capable Mrs Mileham will be covering on Wednesday.


We will be labelling the roots, stems, leaves and petals of flowers, as well as continuing our map work around the school and identifying trees from their leaves.


We will continue our ‘Number Bonds’ unit by continuing to find pairs of numbers which add up to amounts up to 10. We will look at some different ways to record these and focus on developing quick recall and use of different mental methods.


We will be reading the story ‘Avocado Baby’ and will be recounting the events of the story through role play and storyboards- as well as reading sentences and putting them into the correct order.


We will be identifying the following Phase 5 sounds:

‘aw’ (as in paw)

‘ph’ (as in phone)

‘wh’ (as in when)

‘ew’ (as in flew)

‘oe’ (as in toe)

Tricky words- said, so, have, liked


The children will be making continuing to use fruit for inspiration and will use clay to make models.


We will be considering how Christians show their love for God.


Mrs Mileham will be teaching the Outdoor Adventurous Activity lesson on Wednesday, and the Multiskills lesson on Friday.


We have started learning about the style of Hip Hop and how it keeps a 'pulse' (beat). This week we will be using instruments to keep to the pulse.

Reading Books

In Year 1 we are encouraging the children to change their own books after checking to see who needs to change them. If your child hasn't had their book changed please encourage them at home to change their books when they are at school (and let us know too!) Thank you.