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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 18.9.17

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 18th September 2017

 We will be writing  and performing poetry about fruit and vegetables as part of ‘Garden of England’ and also to link to the Harvest Festival.


This week we will be beginning to identify the trees that  we can see around the school, tallying how many there are and making a map of the school to show where they are.


We will begin the unit ‘Number Bonds’-  we will be practically demonstrating additions up to 10, practising recording these, and investigating different combinations that make the different numbers. We will also begin looking at addition number sentences ahead of our ‘addition’ unit which starts next week.


We will be identifying the following Phase 5 sounds:

‘ea’ (as in seat)

‘oy’ (as in toy)

‘ir’ (as in bird)

‘ue’ (as in statue)

Tricky words- Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked


The children will be making observational sketches of various fruits with Mrs Found.


We will continue to look at parable of The Lost Son and and compare it to 'Jonah and the Whale'.


We will be taking part in  multiskill activities in the hall, including balancing, throwing, and catching.

As a reminder, please can all children have trainers in school.  Not only are they needed for the daily Mile Run, but they are also the required uniform for outdoor PE learning. 

School Council Update

Well done to Tristan and Darcy for being voted school council members by the rest of the class. The children obviously thought you were very mature!

Other bits and bobs...

Dates this week:  Just as a reminder, Year 1’s class photos will be this Tuesday, and the Harvest Festival is on Wednesday.

Meet the teacher: It was lovely to have a chance to chat to you a bit more last week; thank you for coming. If you weren’t able to come, I have some printouts of the presentation that I went through.

Whiteboard pens: I’m very sorry about any accidental marks that may have been made on new uniforms by whiteboards pens. I understand it must be very frustrating. We are very careful, but accidents do happen, and I hope you understand that using whiteboards is everyday practice in primary schools.  In particular they are useful for on the spot maths, phonics or handwriting! Thank you.