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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 12.3.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 12th March 2018

I hope you had a brilliant weekend. It was great to chat at parents evening last week, and I’d like to remind you to keep in contact with any questions or issues as they come up. We (thankfully) have a relatively normal week this week, with the snow being but a distant memory at this point…


We will be continuing to practise with two digit numbers this week (mostly up to 40) with including counting backwards. Overall we will be looking at taking away, including finding one less, writing subtraction ‘number sentences’, and beginning to recognise its relationship with adding.

English/Topic (and open morning)

We will be working very hard to find out more about tigers this week. We will be using our facts to write sentences, which we will be more complex in a variety of ways, including exclamation marks, commas, and the conjunction ‘and’.

Also, on Friday we will be having an open morning for English, similar to the one we held for Maths back in the Autumn term, from 9.15- 10.15. This will allow you to see what we teach in English, and how we teach it. I hope that you can make it!


We will continue our Toys topic for science, and this week we will be making ‘brush bugs’ as part of an investigation. For our investigation skill this week we will focus on making conclusions.


We will be continue to practise the different ways to write down the ‘oi’ phoneme (sound): oi/oy, and revising words with the ‘ar’ sound. 


We will continue with Djembe drumming.


The children will be using watercolours to paint tigers in their habitats.


We will continue to learn the Easter story, including what individual days on Holy Week mean to Christians.


We will continue to practise ball skills, namely throwing and catching, and using tennis racquets.


We will continue to work on locating digital files.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Party

Please note a letter was sent towards the end of last week with details of the tea party that your child will have invited you to!