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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 11.09.17

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 11th September 2017

What an amazing start to the school year! The children certainly worked very hard from the get-go and were very tired by Friday; I'm sure that they are all ready for another exciting week of school. Thank you very much for making me feel so welcome, and your patience in waiting at the end of the day. It's important that I know everyone has gone with the right person, and there have been a lot of new faces for me to learn. I'm always happy to chat if you need anything, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the parent information afternoons (see Dates For Your Diary below).



 As part of our topic learning we will be going for a long walk around the school grounds, taking care to look around at what we can see. We will be practising writing some of the important vocabulary, and then moving on to writing a recount of what we saw the next day.


We will begin our first topic, Garden of England, this week. We will be looking at where Kent (and Goudhurst) are on a map and learning about the countries in the UK. We will also be using different geographical vocabulary about where the school is (e.g. on a hill).


We will continue deepening our understanding of numbers up to 10 this week. We will be practically comparing amounts by using the vocabulary 'greater', 'fewer' and the same, and learning how to show this by drawing jottings in our Maths books. We will also be identifying patterns, and begin to create our own.


We will be starting 'Phase 5' in earnest this week: learning to identify (and starting to use for spelling) the following sounds:

ay  (e.g. Monday)

ou (e.g. Goudhurst)

ie (e.g. fried)

ea (e.g. seat)


Tricky words- oh, their, people


We will begin the unit 'Plants and Trees.'

To begin with, we will be walking around and observing the different plants there are in school and mind mapping the plants that we already know of.

Art and DT

Mrs Found will be leading the children in making their own Elmers (the patchwork elephant) based on their learning from last week.


We will start our unit 'What do Christians believe God is like?' by reading and looking at images of the parable of The Lost Son. We will be discussing how the story helps Christians to understand what God is like.


We will begin our Outdoor and Adventurous Activity unit this week. We will be playing some introductory teambuilding games.

School Council

Goudhurst and Kilndown  will be forming a school council formed of representatives from years 1 to 6. This week we will be voting on who is going to represent our class in this important role!

Dates For Your Diary

This week there will be parent information afternoons to give you the opportunity to find out more about the way Elephant Class is run, and the learning the children will be doing this year.

Tuesday 19th of September will be school photographs, so please ensure your child is looking their smartest!

On the afternoon of Wednesday 20th September we will be going to St Mary’s Church for the Harvest Festival.