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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 9.7.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 9th July 2018

I’m very pleased to be back! Thank you for the well wishes, I’m feeling much better, especially having seen my wonderful class. What I am less pleased about are the exciting few weeks that I have missed out on; the time with a class towards the end of the school year is one of my favourite times as there are so many exciting things happening! But looking ahead now, here we are at the penultimate week of the year. Things are starting to wind down for your very tired children, and between the big events of the week (see below) we will be fitting in smaller bursts of fun activities in subjects such as music, science and art.


We will be finishing off the work the children have been doing on money by turning our classroom into a shop for the morning, giving them a chance to choose appropriate change to use to pay, find different ways to pay for an item, and work out change.


We will be involving ourselves in some smaller-scale writing projects this week: writing about the year, creative story writing about penguins, and recounting our trip to Drusilla’s.


We will be practising the different races for Sports day.

Sports Morning

Our sports morning takes place this Friday. There will be a variety of games including the traditional sprint race, Chicken Run and Day at the Beach!  I hope you can make it. 

Open Afternoon

We will be doing a carousel of geography activities (linked to our topic) on Friday afternoon. I hope you can come and join us for this.

Trip to Drusilla's

Please note that our trip to Drusilla’s is on Wednesday! To reiterate some details from the letter that was sent out:

The coach will be leaving at 9.00, so we are arriving at the normal time but the earlier the better so as to give the children time to make sure they have everything and have time to go to the toilet before the long coach journey. My classroom door will be open when the gates are opened so they can come straight in. We will be back between 3.50 and 4.00 barring any traffic delays.

At the moment the weather is looking somewhere between neutral and sunny, so please make sure your child comes in with sun cream applied, plenty of water, and a hat.

Your child will be wearing school uniform but can wear trainers as we will be walking around a lot, and will need a packed lunch.

It will be a very fun day! Please let me know if you have further questions.

Marble Treat

The children have earned their last marble treat of the year through hard work, good deeds and brilliant effort. They have voted to have a pyjama party- hopefully it will not be too hot on the day! This will be on Thursday during the morning. They are allowed to come in wearing their pyjamas or a onesie, and will be playing some party games. Please make sure they have their uniform to change into after the party is finished.

Forest School

Please note that the last Forest School Session of the term was last week. We will be coming in for a standard day of school on Tuesday this week.