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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 8.5.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 8th May 2018

I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather and the extra time together with your family. With the warm weather looking to continue, please bear in mind that your child should bring in a hat and come in wearing sun cream on sunny days. A longer weekend means a shorter week, so we will be packing in a lot this week- here is our intended learning this week.

We will continue to look at division, practising the skills we learnt last week and applying them to word problems and other problem solving activities.


We will be looking at how to be persuasive by writing letters this week.


We will be revising different phonemes and their different spellings  and practising spelling words with the ‘i’ sound (e.g milk and gym)


We will continue our unit ‘Your Imagination’ and will write our own lyrics to the song.


The children will be making a cave structure from straws inspired by the cave from we’re going on a bear hunt. 


The children will be practising Bat/Ball skills with Mrs Mileham, and will be having a sample tennis session for the next few weeks.


We will continue editing sound recordings using audacity.

Bookbags on Tuesdays

Please note that, as there is no time for the children to change their books on a Tuesday lunchtime because of Forest School, children are not expected to bring in their bookbags on Tuesdays. This should also help with the amount to carry to and from school! Mrs Found and I gave the Elephants extra books to last them until this Wednesday on Friday last week, and will do the same on Mondays from now on.  Thank you for your understanding.