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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 05.03.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 5th March 2018

I hope you had a lovely time in the snow and weren’t too inconvenienced once the excitement wore off! As we were not in for most of last week we will be having a very similar timetable to the one planned for last week, with some slight changes. As such the intended learning is mostly the same, but please check for one or two differences below.


We will be making sequences of numbers up to 40, and will begin adding with them, starting with ‘one more’ and progressing to adding one digit numbers to any of them.


We will be learning all about invitations this week, and will be writing invitations to a tea party (based around the Tiger Who Came to Tea, which we looked at last week). We will also practise using commas.


We will continue our Toys topic for science, and this week we will be making balloon rockets! We will be making predictions about the experiment we conduct, and will be aiming to explain why we are making those predictions.


We will be continue to practise the different ways to write down the ‘ow’  phoneme (sound): ow/ou, and revising words with the ‘ng’ sound. 


We will continue with Djembe drumming.


We will begin to learn the Easter story.


We will continue to practise ball skills, namely rolling and receiving, and throwing and catching. We will have Gymnastics with Mrs Mileham.

Parents Evening

I’m looking forward to meeting you for parent consultations this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please note that I am happy to further discuss anything mentioned on these evenings if you would like to.


On Thursday, the whole school will be attending the Kidenza concert at Benenden School in Cranbrook. We will be leaving after school’s usual opening time and back before lunchtime, so there is no extra preparation on your part!

Special Day

Please note that if your child was meant to have their special day last week and missed it due to the school's closure, we will be having a a catchup session on Monday this week, so please bring in anything they need on the first day back.