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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 5.2.18

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 5th February 2018

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here we are at the end of another term- half way through the year in fact! From next term onwards we will be aspiring to act and learn like year 2s, and based on last week we will have absolutely no trouble with this. The writing that the children produced based on their Toys Through Time Day was absolutely inspiring, and their engagement with their learning was top notch. I’m sure they will bring the same energy to their work this week as we do some simple assessments this week too…


We will be making graphs from the data we gathered last week, learning about other ways to represent data- such as tally charts- and answering a range of questions about different graphs, including some problem solving ones.


The children will be planning and writing instructions on how to make a puppet toy. Thankfully, they are now experts in making puppets after last week! Many thanks to Alana, Alice, Issie(Y4), Lucia and Jack’s mums who came in to help cut and stick fabric.

We will also be receiving a visit from the Tunbridge Wells Museum staff on Thursday, which has been paid for in full from our class cake sale money. They will be holding a workshop on old toys. At this point, it may be a competition between the museum staff and the children as to who knows more!


We will be planning and conducting a further investigation into gravity, and continuing to make predictions about it. Our investigation question will be ‘what is the best shape for a kite?’


We will be continuing our work on the different ways to write down the ‘oo/yoo’ phoneme (sound): ue, oo, u-e, o, ew, as well as revising other split digraphs (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e).


Mrs Found will be doing some Chinese New Year related art with the children.


Djembe drumming will continue on Thursday.


We be talking about staying safe, both in real life and online, and will be taking part of special activities for online safety day on Tuesday.


We will be continuing with hockey (passing), and practising moving passes in Rugby.