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Intended Learning- Week Commencing 04.12.17

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 4th December 2017

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and thank you to those of you who were able to come to the church advent service on Sunday. Here is our intended learning for the week.


We will be returning to addition and subtraction this week, focusing on our work from last week by using numbers up to 20.


In some very exciting news, Burglar Bill will be coming to visit Year 1 this week! We will be preparing for his visit by writing some questions to ask him. Also, we will be finishing our character description work and sharing them with Bill.


We will be learning the different ways to write down the ‘c’  phoneme (sound) : c, ck, k, ch, q, x

Tricky Words- We will be practising all the tricky words we covered so far this year.


The children will be making Christmas cards.


We will hear the Christmas story and think about why it is important to Christians.


We will continue our units of indoor athletics and using the large apparatus.

Manger Mouse

The nativity practises are in full swing, and hopefully you have heard some of the songs at home by now!  I’d like to remind you that if you are unsure about costumes, we can help if necessary.


Unfortunately, last week some children had keyring chains taken from the outside of their bags during lunchtime. To avoid any further upset, I’m afraid that they will no longer be allowed in school. Thank you for your understanding.