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Intended Learning W/C 2nd July 2018

Class 1 Elephants
For week beginning: 2nd July 2018

We have a very exciting week planned for our writing this week, ahead of our school trip to Drucilla's we are focussing on all things Penguin! The children will be delving into a wealth of facts about Penguins and will even be creating their own fact-files about Penguins to showcase thier brilliant knowledge! We will also be creating our own book 'All About Penguins' and displaying this alongside the beautiful penguins the children created last week with Mrs Found.


On Friday we began our introduction to learning about Money.  This week we will be focussing on the similarities between the different coins and will be using our quick addition skills to solve problems involving money.


On Monday we will be becoming super scientists! Our area of investigation will be on sinking and floating and our buzzing young scientists in Elephant class will be using a range of school (waterproof) objects to record whether they sink or float in a tub of water. We will be recording our findings in our science books and presenting them to each other to compare results! The children will be showcasing how they use thier scientific vocabulary whilst investigating.


This week we will have two PE lessons focussing on rounders, this will exercise the children's ball skills into fun and exciting game.


This week in phonics we will be continuing to use monster phonics to practice our sounds in a fun and exciting way... the children particularly enjoy the songs therefor we are really looking forward to phonics this week!


This week with Mrs Found, the children will be creating thier own penguin masks!